Our greatest glory is not in never falling,

but in rising every time we fall. 

                                                                                                            - Confucious


I am a counselling psychologist working and living in Prague. I received my Master's degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor's Degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice in the United States. I have worked with clients of various ages, social and cultural backgrounds. My previous jobs included, among others: working with victims of human trafficking in the Czech Republic and with troubled youth in a juvenile center in the US. In Belgium, I had a private practice offering individual counseling. In the Czech Republic, I also worked in high school and elementary school settings as a student counselor. Further, I was involved in a clinical trial testing psychedelic substances. In my private practice, 

I offer psychological counseling for a variety of clients. I offer my services in both Czech and English language.  


  • Adults and adolescents
  • Individuals and couples
  • Self-acceptance and personal growth
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress and burnout
  • Anxiety 

  • Depression
  • Decision making
  • Culture shock and adaptation to a new environment
  • Private practice, 2017 to present, Prague, CZ
  • Multidisciplinary Association for    Psychedelic Studies, 2019, USA, Independent Rater
  • ZŠ Mládí, 2018-2019, Prague CZ, School Psychologist
  • American Academy in Prague, 2017-2018, Prague CZ, Director of Student Counseling 
  • Private practice, 2015-2017, Brussels BE

  • Diakonie, 2012-2014, Prague CZ, Therapist and a field worker

  • Prague Psychiatric Center, Prague CZ, 2012, Center for Neuropsychiatric Studies Affiliated with 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Therapist

  • Juvenile Assessment Center, 2007-2009, Denver USA, Intake Specialist  

  • La Salle University USA, 2011-2013

    • Master's degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology

  • Metropolitan State College of Denver USA, 2005-2007

    • Bachelor's degree in Psychology with minor in Criminal Justice 

  • Psychosomatics (certificate), Brussels, 2016

  • KU Leuven EWBCx: Existential Well-being Counseling: A Person-centered Experiential Approach, 2017 

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUSTx: Psychology of Personal Growth, 2018

  • University of California, Berkeley, BerkeleyX: The Science of Happiness, 2018

  • Infidelity in Relationship and How to Work Through it, I. & II., Inparo Institut, 2019

  • Crisis in Relationship,  Inparo Institut, 2020

  • Crisis intervention in couples, Inparo Institut, 2020

  • Family Mediator, Kappa Beta Institut, 2020

Member of the American Psychological Association (No. 00959137), the Belgian Psychological Chamber (No. 742213401), the Czech and Moravian Psychological Association, and the Association of School Psychology (No. 173)